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I Can Learn To Trust You

The First Zuko/Ty Lee LJ Community
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I Know You: The Zuko & Ty Lee LJ Community

This is an LJ community dedicated to the romantic relationship (or even friendship) between TY LEE and ZUKO, two characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Zuko is the previously exiled prince of the Fire Nation who, after having a "permanent lesson burned into his face", was cast out of the Fire Nation to capture the avatar and has recently returned with his sister, Azula, and her friends, Ty Lee and Mai (who he is dating), to an honorable welcome. He's credited with the "death" of the avatar and though he has his honor and birth right back, two things he's always longed for, he is not happy and is frequently filled with rage which, with the help of Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai, he discovered is mostly directed at himself.

Ty Lee is a Fire Nation noble who, to escape being part of "a matched set" with her other identical sisters, ran away to the circus where she and her pink aura were very happy until Azula's arrival. Azula scared Ty Lee into joining her (and, later, Mai) on her quest to hunt down the Avatar, Zuko, and Iroh. Ty Lee assisted by using an unusual style of fighting which involved hitting pressure points in quick, precise movements that are capable of disabling bending arts. Though she and Mai were not present in the final battle against the Avatar, they returned home with Zuko and Azula and the four of them have become very close friends as opposed to four people together by convenience.

So why pair up an overly bubbly circus freak with a pink aura and a royal emo prince with anger management problems and an apathetic girlfriend? Well, why not? Zuko/Ty Lee is, admittedly, a crack ship, but I believe there's something there. In the Beach, Zuko yells at Ty Lee for her eternal optimism and joy, calling her a circus freak and telling her that she doesn't know him. Ty Lee quietly whispers that she does. Though we're not entirely sure Zuko or anyone else was meant to hear, we did and it made me want to know more about the relationship between these two. Ty Lee, Azula, and Mai all went to the Royal Fire Nation Academy together as children and the three of them, plus Zuko, were seen playing together as children in flashbacks. Are they friends? Are they lovers? Could they, conceivably, get along if left alone? If you care to find out, join!

1) Be nice and don't start fights.
2) Long posts, big pictures, and R to NC-17 fanfiction must go behind a cut. You must also warn for the latter, as some people don't like that sort of thing.
3) Stay on topic. This is a Zuko/Ty Lee community, not a general avatar community.
4) Tag all entries.
5) Advertising is allowed as long as it's not the only thing you do in the community.
6) Have fun!

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