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28 November 2007 @ 02:54 pm
Hello all! New member here. Just posting to say, hooray for the tyko-ness!

I've been shipping this pair since season two and I'm so glad the good people at Avatar gave us a hint (albeit a small one) of tyko.

Anyway, really love this pairing and I went on a fanfic search yesterday in the hopes that after The Beach episode, I wouldn't be the only one who thought they made a great match and that there would be a burst in fanfiction about the two.

I was right. There was but from all the ones I read, one really stood out to me. It's written well and everyone featured is mostly in character.

I hope you all anjoy reading it!

Childhood Promises by Zutara21
Ty Lee brings old memories that Zuko has tried to shut out back. Through the oncoming war, a multitude of decisions resting on Zuko's unstable shoulders, will he be able to find who he truly is and wants to be with Ty Lee's guidance?

P.S. Can anyone point me in the direction of some tyko icons? Would appreciate it greatly.
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